In this 30 minute cycling class, the instructor will guide the participants in the same way as the 45 minute class, however, the shortened class is given in such a way that you can get the same exertion in a 30 minute class as in the 45 minute class, as we work continuously on stamina and strength in a heart-pumping, musically driven class! Class is appropriate for all levels as modifications can be made.


In this 45 minute class, we will use various light and music settings to create a pumped-up, energetic atmosphere. The intensity of the workout will be influenced by RPMs (cadence or pedal speed), resistance (which will be continually adjusted throughout the class), and the riders’ body position as they pedal from a seated position or rise from the saddle. Ultimately, the participant will determine their own level of exertion, but the energy of music and environment will keep you pushing and coming back for more! Class is appropriate for all levels as modifications can be made.


This 45-minute class is perfect for those new to indoor cycling and/or building up fitness, but still provides an excellent hard workout. This class will cover proper alignment and provide guidelines for gears, exertion and RPMs for various drill types. There will also be lots of sweat on the floor. Best of all, you will learn how to ride the bike in a way that maximizes your fitness, while minimizing any risk of injury. Learn to ride right and get fit! Class is appropriate for all levels.


Throwing back the tunes! In this fun 45 minute cycling class, we will be flashing back to some great music hits throughout the varied intensity of the ride. Similar to our 45 minute class, but while throwing back the tunes!